Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Warren and I met when we were seniors in high school.
We both worked at the Levittown Library. I asked him to my senior date dance. We were together about a year and a half.
Those times left such a strong impression. His intelligence and way of looking at things were so attractive. So many memories. I remember going on the train on our visits to Center City Philadelphia.
His dad worked on the railroad so Warren had a free pass. Sometimes I would feign sleep with my head on Warren's shoulder and the conductor would let me ride for free.
I remember dinner at the Rusty Scupper at Penn's Landing and the turtle soup. I remember going to Wanamakers and seeing the light show at Christmas time for the first time.
Everything seemed possible then.
I remember cooking dinner at my parents' home for our friends.
Warren of course was the cook and I was delegated to peeling potatoes for the vichyssoise.
We were 17. At that age there were so many strong feelings.
I remember music: Mack the Knife, Cat Stevens, Devo, Elvis Costello, Musico Orbis.
I remember picnics in the park and the Sloe Gin Olympics party.
I remember for Valentine's day sewing up 2 pieces of heart shaped posterboard and enclosing Elvis Costello's Armed Forces album for him.
Warren had cleaned the upstairs room at his parents' house and he set the scene with newly purchased wine goblets, cloth napkins and napkin rings. I still have the napkin rings. I don't remember what he cooked on that day but I do remember the cheesecake (the best ever), cookies and of course his mixed drink concoctions.
Warren was the center of so many strong memories.
He lived his life with intensity.
I am glad that we shared that small space of time together.
My thoughts and prayers go with Tony, Warren's family and friends.


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