Friday, September 21, 2007

Warren was quite a character; friendly, enthusiastic, and quirky. He was a student in my speech recognition tutorial; for the last class, he brought a French picnic he’d assembled for us all. Once he advertised a “speach perception” experiment. When someone pointed out the spelling error, he said, “Right, it’s really a peach perception experiment”.

Which was a good answer for him, as he also studied food preferences! (but I wanted speech data).

Later he moved to Boston, where he was a valued and popular co-worker. Someone else will have to comment on the activities of the “bowling league”; which I was shielded from (probably I was considered too priggish). After awhile, he had some health problems which lead to an extended stay in McLean hospital. He was always friendly and positive, even in that rather depressing environment. My son, Peter, was about 18 months old, and it was great to see them together.

It’s difficult to capture in words his enthusiasm and sweetness, despite the tough times he had. A great guy!

--Francis Ganong

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