Sunday, September 23, 2007

Beautiful Memorial

Thank you for putting together the wonderful memorial, Tony!

It was so nice to talk to some of the people who knew Warren!

Micheal: I am interested in Warren's work at CUNY. I was recalling this morning when he was explaining his interests to me in 1993 -- he said he was interested in what he called "hedontics;" from "hedonism," a pursuit of happiness in a way. Now the science of positive psychology is developing. I can't recall if he told me about his research, but I was interested to hear you were a subject, because I thought he was only working with RATS! -- maybe he just meant his advisors.

Could you send me an abstract/intro?


Tony said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it. It was great seeing you there.

Michael said...

I second Connie's sentiment, Tony. Absolutely wonderful memorial.

Connie - Warren briefly started out working with rats but that didn't work out all that well (looong story...). So he ended up moving on to sensation and perception (although it really wasn't what he wanted to do... another looong story).

I'll send over a copy of the thesis tomorrow from work. If I can figure out a way around the storage limit here, I may just post it for all to enjoy...