Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A poem from Warren

This is a poem of Warren's I found that I thought I would share with everyone

Dream of Joy

While you sleep and can't tell the day
from night and your mind decives you,
you hear the call to the present,
to present yourself. Like the sleeping
David, you are called, but think
it is to dreary duty or some requirement
and hit the snooze alarm to postpone the awakening.
And it comes, but the moment is
too happy to be real
and you can't imagine
that it could be.
Am I dreaming?

Wake! Look around you!


Kai Carver said...

Thank you!

Kai Carver said...

PS: "Sleeping David," can anyone tell me, is that a reference to a specific story in the Bible? (sorry, I'm ignorant)

Kai Carver said...

Back in the late 80s, when we worked at Kurzweil, Warren was a notorious oversleeper. At one point, he even installed some contraption with special lights that simulate the sun, to help him wake up. A doctor had diagnosed him with Seasonal Affective Disorder, which I'd never heard about. When he informed me of this, and of the acronym for the affliction (SAD), I had one of many "Warren moments": baffled, amazed, amused...

As a fellow morning-challenged person, the thought of Warren getting blinded for his own good first thing in the morning by a specially concocted dose of imitation sun cracks me up. I don't think it worked particularly well.

As I recall, it later turned out he had a thyroid problem that made him sleep more than normal, and he got it corrected, with great results.